Research in the team Vocational Education

The research areas of the team Vocational Education are divided into three levels:

At the macro level, the team focuses on VET policy structures and processes. Among other things, the changes in work, occupation and forms of organisation and the design of permeability in the education system are examined here. In addition, questions of the implementation of educational standards in vocational education and training and vocational education and training oriented qualification research are also examined.

The meso-level focus is on didactic concepts in initial and continuing vocational and in-company training. Specifically, it deals with the planning and implementation of individual learning at work and organisational learning at the learning location company and the design of in-company education management.

Conditions, prerequisites and limitations of individual competence development form research focuses at the micro level. The focus is on approaches and concepts for vocational orientation, learning guidance and learning process support as well as the development and promotion of comprehensive vocational action competence and reflexive action ability.

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