Research in the Team Teacher Training at Vocational Schools

The central task of the Team Teacher Training at Vocational Schools is the academic qualification of prospective teachers for vocational schools.

This is done in close cooperation with the Leibniz School of Education, the study seminars and the vocational schools in Lower Saxony. This dovetailing of theory and practice aims to develop a reflected capacity for action on the part of pedagogical staff. Accordingly, one of the research focuses of our team is the pedagogical professionalization of teachers for vocational training and further education. In addition, the didactic-methodological design of teaching-learning processes as well as the sensitization in dealing with diversity and heterogeneity in educational processes are also part of our research. Furthermore, concepts are generated, implemented and evaluated according to curricular requirements, quality standards and school development processes. In both school and company contexts, the focus is on the development of individual competences.

Further fields of research are formed by the continuous change of professional requirements and the reactions to educational policy and demographic challenges. This also includes work in the field of international and comparative VET research or the ongoing digitisation of occupations and initial and continuing vocational training.

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