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Theoria cum praxi: Förderung von Reflektierter Handlungsfähigkeit als Leibniz-Prinzip der Lehrerbildung. ("Leibniz-Prinzip")

Theoria cum praxi: Promotion of reflection in and on action as the Leibniz principle of teacher training. ("Leibniz Prinzip")

Led by:  Prof. Dr. Julia Gillen (overall management and head of measure 1), Prof. Dr. Claudia Schomaker (measure 2), Prof. Dr. Sascha Schanze (measure 3) and Prof. Dr. Tabea Becker and Prof. Dr. Gabriele Blell (measure 4)
Team:  Dr. Douglas Yacek, Dr. Christian A. Schröder
project start:  2015
finish date:  31-12-18
Funding:  Federal Ministry of Education and Research, FKZ: 01JA1506
Duration:  July 2015 to December 2018
Further information

The project promotes future teachers to develop and/or maintain a reflection in and on action in the course of their professional biography. For us, the reflection in and on action is the foundation for successful long-term teacher action. Like Leibniz, we see academic education as a unity of science, reflection on practice and moral responsibility. The Leibniz Principle is derived from competence- and structural-theoretical approaches towards teacher professionalism.