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Technik - Ethik - Digitalisierung: Förderung ethischen Handelns in den Technikwissenschaften

Promotion of ethical action in the technical sciences - Doctoral positions at the Institute for Vocational Education and Adult Education

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Led by:  Prof. Dr. Steffi Robak
Team:  Simon Alexander Wagner, Lena Heidemann M.A.
project start:  2019
finish date:  28-02-23
Funding:  Kurt-Alten-Stiftung
Duration:  03/2019 - 02/2023
Remarks:  Advisory board: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Berend Denkena; Prof. Dr. Wiltrud Gieseke; Prof. Dr. Aiga von Hippel; Prof. Dr. Ulrich v. Jeinsen; Dr. Sabine Johannsen; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Kabelac; Prof. Dr. Steffi Robak; Dr.-Ing. Axel Schmidt

The Kurt Alten Foundation supports two doctoral positions with a duration of three years each in order to promote ethical action in the technical sciences.

The aim of the overall-project is the collection and development of ethical premises for (internal) decision-making processes on the example of the digitalization of the economy as well as the development of a digital learning environment that combines ethical principles and knowledge structures with relevant technical and interdisciplinary topics as competence development.

  • Subgoal 1: Development of ethical premises for negotiation and decision-making processes
  • Subgoal 2: Establishing the developed premises in practical action, in particular in the development of digital innovations (development of an "ethically shaped culture of action and decision making")
  • Subgoal 3: Development of a digital learning environment and its exemplary piloting and evaluation

Doctoral Position A focuses on the establishment of ethical premises in university teaching and scientific, professional further education.

Doctoral Position B focuses on the establishment of ethical premises in operational negotiation and decision-making processes in the context of digital innovation. It is staffed by Simon Alexander Wagner.

The two doctoral positions are arranged to complement each other.


03/22/2019 Technology Ethics Digitalization: Press meeting

Report on the second advisory board meeting of our technical project. Ethics. Digitalization dated July 6, 2020