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Zertifikat Erwachsenenbildung/Weiterbildung (Zert EB/WB)

Zert EB/WB

Led by:  Prof. Dr. Steffi Robak
Team:  Kerstin Grönemeyer, Marie Bunk
project start:  2020
finish date:  30-06-22
Funding:  Europäischen Sozialfond (ESF) and MWK
Duration:  09/2020 bis 06/2022
Remarks:  Projektvorlauf: Konzeption und Implementierung 04/2018 bis 03/2020

The "Certificate in Adult Education/Further Education" (Zert EB/WB) enables those working in adult education/ further education to pursue scientific further education on a part-time base, with the aim of building up a cross-functional and cross-carrier adult educational professionalism. The project is intended to contribute to qualification in the field of work and addresses in its orientation all leading, planning and teaching personnel in public and in-company further education.

In a first project phase, the certificate program was conceived and implemented at the Leibniz University and is currently being tested in the second project phase with a cohort of 30 participants from the public and in-company further education sector. After the test phase, a consolidation and establishment of the program on the market is planned.

Regarding its content, the project focuses on the development of essential adult education and digital competences. Strengthening the development of competences in order to shape the digital changes and dealing with the altered needs of participants with different educational and experience backgrounds is predominantly promoted by digital learning modules, which are available to participants independent of time and place. The digital learning formats are combined with compact, plannable classroom seminars.

The scope of the certificate program will include 30 ECTS, which can be acquired alongside the job during a regular study period of four semesters.