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Traineeprogramm der niedersächsischen Erwachsenenbildung

Trainee programme in adult education in Lower Saxony

Led by:  Prof. Dr. Steffi Robak
Team:  Christian Kühn, Johanna Krüger
project start:  2017
finish date:  30-09-19
Funding:  Niedersächsisches Wisssenschaftsministerium
Duration:  10/2017 bis 09/2019

The current funding programme therefore also complies with the demand in the final report of the stocktaking to invest more in recruiting and promoting junior staff. The IfBE supports the programme by organising and carrying out an accompanying seminar programme for trainees at Lower Saxony's home adult education centres. The seminar programme is designed to support trainees concerning their professionalization in adult education as well as the networking and exchange of trainees.