• Mittelstand 4.0 - Competence Center Lower Saxony, Hanover: "Digital with us“
    Led by: Prof. Dr. Steffi Robak/ Prof. Dr. Julia Gillen
    Team: Eike Asche; Lisa Marie Lorenz
    Year: 2016
    Duration: 06/2016 bis 05/2021
  • PLanC
    Led by: Prof. Dr. Julia Gillen
    Team: Janine Michele, Irina Rommel
    Year: 2015
    Funding: BMBF, "Quality Offensive Teacher Training", funding amount: 458,900.82 €
    Duration: 07/2015-05/2019
  • Theoria cum praxi: Promotion of reflection in and on action as the Leibniz principle of teacher training. ("Leibniz Prinzip")
    Led by: Prof. Dr. Julia Gillen (overall management and head of measure 1), Prof. Dr. Claudia Schomaker (measure 2), Prof. Dr. Sascha Schanze (measure 3) and Prof. Dr. Tabea Becker and Prof. Dr. Gabriele Blell (measure 4)
    Team: Dr. Douglas Yacek, Dr. Christian A. Schröder
    Year: 2015
    Funding: Federal Ministry of Education and Research, FKZ: 01JA1506
    Duration: July 2015 to December 2018
  • SAPA - Development of a method for the simulation-based cost-benefit analysis of further education measures
    Led by: Prof. Dr. Julia Gillen
    Team: Dr. Ilka Jenkner
    Year: 2017
    Funding: DFG
    Duration: 01/2017 - 12/2018
  • Analysis and development of sustainable transnationalisation and constitutional strategies for vocational education and training with the aim of establishing a continuing education academy in Beijing, PR China
    Vocational education and training is considered as a central aspect of economic growth and social stability worldwide. In the EWA project, the high qualification requirements of approximately 770 million people in China will be the starting point for initiating and implementing an "export of VET". This is a joint project funded by the BMBF in cooperation with Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover (Institute for Vocational Education and Adult Education, IfBE), WeitBild and Konfix.
    Led by: Prof. Dr. Steffi Robak, Prof. Dr. Julia Gillen
    Team: Dr. Marius Herzog, M.A. Lisa-Marie Lorenz, M.A. Eike Asche
    Year: 2013
    Funding: Federal Ministry of Education and Research
    Duration: June 2013 - May 2016
  • Experiences and perspectives of digital teaching and development at vocational schools (DigiU-VET)
    The digital transformation is bringing about changes in all areas of society. In education in particular, it affects not only the digital design of teaching, but also the transformation of work and organizational processes (e.g., IT infrastructures, working hours and locations). The impact and constraints of the Covid 19 pandemic have enormously accelerated digitization, moving teaching and organizing school operations almost entirely into virtual space. The particular experiences during and after the Covid 19 pandemic have initiated a rethinking of the previous school organization and opened up the question of new forms of organization. The attitudes and motives of teachers as well as their retrospective experiences from the Covid 19 pandemic will be surveyed by means of a Germany-wide cross-sectional survey. The aim of the survey is to identify design potentials and challenges for future work and organizational processes at vocational schools against the backdrop of the digital transformation.
    Led by: Prof. Dr. Thomas Bals (Universität Osnarbrück), Prof. Dr. Uwe Fasshauer (PH Schwäbisch-Gmünd), Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Gerholz (Sprecher, Universität Bamberg), Prof. Dr. Julia Gillen (Universität Hannover)
    Year: 2020
    Funding: BVLB Die Berufsbildner
    Duration: 07/2020 - 07/2021
  • Theoria cum praxi: Promoting Reflective Agency as a Leibniz Principle of Teacher Education. (Leibniz Principle 2)
    The second funding phase of the "Leibniz Principle" started at the beginning of 2019. The goal of the Leibniz Principle is to further develop cross-faculty structures at the university and thereby contribute to a sustainable improvement in the quality of teacher education in Hannover. In this context, the promotion of Reflective Capacity for Action acts as a link for all related measures. We consider the ability to act in a reflective manner to be a decisive key competence to be developed in the course of one's professional biography. In our view, it ensures successful teaching in the long term and is derived from Leibniz's idea of linking theory and practice in an insight-oriented manner. In accordance with the motto "Theoria cum praxi", we would like to embed a goal-oriented teaching of theory in structured practical components. In this way, we provide prospective teachers with a solid foundation for their demanding profession. Translated with (free version)
    Led by: Prof. Dr. Julia Gillen (Gesamtleitung und Leitung Handlungsfeld 3 zusammen mit Prof. Dr. Bettina Lindmeier), Prof. Dr. Andreas Nehring (Handsfeld 1), Prof. Dr. Sascha Schanze (Handlungsfeld 2)
    Team: Dr. Christian A. Schröder
    Year: 2019
    Funding: Federal Ministry of Education and Research, FKZ: 01JA1506
    Duration: 01/2019 bis 12/2023
  • Leibniz works 4.0: Changing learning and working environments in vocational teacher education.
    Led by: Prof. Dr. Julia Gillen
    Team: Prof. Dr. Matthias Becker, Dr. Thomas Jambor, Prof. Dr. Klaus Littmann, Dr. Sabine Struckmeier, Tobias Key, Fritz Wilhelms, Janine Michele, Johannes Schäfers
    Year: 2020
    Funding: Federal Ministry of Education and Research
    Duration: 01.04.2020 bis 31.12.2023